Stamp Duty Rebate for Second Home

When purchasing a second home in England or Northern Ireland, home buyers are required to pay an additional stamp duty and surcharge. Stamp duty, or Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), can be an extremely expensive process. Following the introduction of stamp duty rates for second homes, many may now find it difficult to invest in more properties or holiday homes in the UK.

However, there are exemptions which may apply to those that buy second properties. Some homebuyers may be entitled to a stamp duty rebate for a second home or a discounted rate. Find out more with Stamp Duty Rebate below!

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Do You Pay Stamp Duty on Second Homes?

Yes. When people purchase second homes in the UK, they are required to pay the standard rate of stamp duty as well as an additional 3% surcharge. This is applicable to second homes being purchased in Northern Ireland and England specifically. 

Those looking to buy additional homes are also still required, by law, to pay stamp duty. However, some exemptions do exist which can be found below.

How Much Does Stamp Duty Cost for Second Homes?

When buying a second home, you are required to pay normal stamp duty rates as well as a 3% surcharge on each band. How much you pay will depend on what the value of the property is. 

You can find out how much stamp duty you’ll pay when purchasing an additional property through an online UK stamp duty calculator. Generally, the higher the value, the more you will pay in stamp duty alongside any surcharges. 

What Is the Definition of a Main Residence According to HMRC?

Stamp duty rates differ between residential and non-residential properties. If you purchase a property and it is categorised as residential, meaning it has all of the facilities for basic everyday living and needs, then you will pay stamp duty rates for residential properties.

In contrast, non-residential stamp duty rates are generally lower but there are different payments involved. There is no set definition of what a ‘main residence’ is, but typically speaking this refers to the main residential home you live in. It is not up to you to decide which residence is your ‘main’ one.

Who Pays Stamp Duty on Second Homes?

You won’t pay any stamp duty if you are purchasing a mobile home, caravan or boat. However, people that purchase properties worth more than £40,000 are required, by government law, to pay for stamp duty. This is completed through HMRC on behalf of the government. 

People often use their solicitors to pay for and complete the stamp duty on their behalf, while others opt to complete their stamp duty payments themselves. The whole process is done through a form provided by HMRC online, and can be completed online or via post. You will have 30 days from purchase completion to file a stamp duty return to HMRC. 

Can I Not Declare Stamp Duty on a Second Home?

No. You must always file a return to HMRC even if you haven’t paid any stamp duty at all. Failing to declare a second home, or avoiding or missing payments, can lead to further legal problems, fees and penalties. 

HMRC have their own resources to detect who is eligible to pay stamp duty in the UK. They will be able to detect whether you have bought a second home, so you must legally file a return.

Can I Claim a Stamp Duty Refund on a Second Home?

Yes. If you sell your main residence within 3 years of purchasing your second home, you may be entitled to a refund of the surcharge you paid on your original stamp duty. You will, however, be required to prove that the second home is now your main residence. 

You can find out today through Stamp Duty Rebate to see if you are entitled to thousands of pounds from HMRC. There are also other exemptions which may apply to your situation, and mean you are entitled to a stamp duty refund. 

How Can Stamp Duty Rebate Help?

Stamp Duty Rebate is an expert in helping people get stamp duty refunds/rebates. We have been in the claims industry for 15 years, and have a great track record. Our team is built up of highly-professional and qualified individuals – from surveyors to legal and tax professionals. This way, you’ll be in safe hands with us when it comes to reclaiming your money. 

We will help complete your stamp duty rebate for you. By doing all of the time-consuming and administrative tasks, you’ll be able to sit back and relax and wait till you’re given an answer and receive your money to your nominated bank account. We also operate on a no win no fee basis – so if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to worry about owing lots of money. 

Easy, fast and secure – we’ll always try and get you the money you deserve. 

Recent claims

How much can I expect to get back should my claim be valid and approved?

Every case is different. In some cases, we were able to arrange a rebate of up to 60% of the original SDLT paid. Some of the cases that we’ve successfully claimed refunds for:

Steven B Primary Residence
Rebate Received £9,337.00
Purchase price £1,100,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £53,750.00
Gary H Primary Residence
Rebate Received £26,795.00
Purchase price £1,485,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £89,750.00
Matt S Buy to Let
Rebate Received £8,817.35
Purchase price £274,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £11,920.00
Ben G Primary Residence
Rebate Received £17,397.00
Purchase price £1,260,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £69,750.00
Zev S Buy to Let
Rebate Received £13,044.95
Purchase price £410,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £22,800.00
Ashkey P Buy to Let
Rebate Received £2,502.33
Purchase price £82,500.00
Stamp Duty Paid £2,475.00
Sophia L Primary Residence
Rebate Received £42,478.00
Purchase price £1,680,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £115,350.00
Jonathan P Buy to Let
Rebate Received £2,340.51
Purchase price £77,500.00
Stamp Duty Paid £2,325.00

Why Choose Stamp Duty Rebate?

When choosing Stamp Duty Rebate to complete your stamp duty rebate, we will always work efficiently, fast and keep all of your information secure. Not only do we provide a hassle-free service, but we ensure all of our customers are satisfied throughout the process.

Often, tax and finances can be stressful and time-consuming, so by choosing us you’ll save your time. By allowing us to complete the process for you, we will also be able to better the chances of receiving any thousands of pounds you may be owed. 

Our application process is straightforward for everyone, and we have a team on hand that will complete everything for you. Why not save your time and money today by choosing  Stamp Duty Rebate? As experts in the field with years of experience, we can ensure you’re in safe hands. 

Get in touch today to make a claim and find out whether you could be entitled thousands of pounds from HMRC.

Frequently asked questions

What qualifies as a defect?

In 2019, a First Tier Tribunal heard a case known as ‘The Bewley Case’ (P N Bewley Ltd v HMRC [2019] TC6951) that set a further legal precedence for reducing high rates of Stamp Duty. Bewley successfully argued that, since his property suffered from substantial defects at the time of purchase, he should have been charged the non-residential rate of stamp duty, rather than the higher residential rate.
The Tribunal ruled that where a residential property was not suitable for use as a dwelling, the lower non-residential rate of stamp duty should have been applied. We can advance claims based on the following (non-exhaustive list of) defects:

  • Defective Heating System
  • Unsafe Electrics
  • Damp/Mould/Rot
  • Structural Issue
  • Non-operational Bathroom or Kitchen
  • Subsidence
  • Asbestos
  • Severe Roof Leaks

If you purchased a residential property which suffered from any of the above, or similar defects, you might be eligible for a stamp duty rebate.

What do I need to prepare for my SDLT rebate assessment?
You would need to provide us with some of the legal documents received from your solicitor at the time of purchase; SDLT5 Certificate, TR1, Sales Contract, Completion Statement. 

We would also require relevant evidence such as surveys, repair invoices and images.

What are your fees in the case of a successful SDLT refund claim?
We operate on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. 

In the case of a successful claim, our service charge is 30% + VAT of the total rebate and interest received. Our minimum fee is £1,000 + VAT.

HMRC has an allowance to revisit claims within 9 months of pay-outs. We fully indemnify claims and, where we are unsuccessful in defending a challenge from HMRC, we return, not only the 30% +VAT fee paid to us, but also any interest or penalties levied by HMRC within this 9 month period. This is a unique part of our service.

How long can I claim after purchasing a property?
HMRC won’t accept stamp duty rebate claims for property purchases that took place more than 4 years ago.