Stamp Duty Rebate for Buy to Lets 

Stamp duty rules for buy-to-let properties may be confusing, as how much you pay will depend on what type of buyer you are, where you live in the UK and the value of the property itself. Nonetheless, buy-to-let properties are an increasingly popular method of investment for people and companies in the UK – despite the possible added stress of stamp duty. 

If you have sold a buy-to-let property then find out with Stamp Duty Rebate whether you are eligible to claim back stamp duty. At Stamp Duty Rebate, we make understanding stamp duty and refunds straightforward for all types of property buyers and investors.

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What Is a Buy-to-Let?

A buy-to-let property is a type of property that is specifically bought to be rented out. Those that purchase buy-to-let properties will be subject to higher stamp duty rates. This is as a result of buy-to-let properties enabling people to gain money through potential rent in future.

While first-time buyers who do purchase buy-to-let properties will not be subject to the higher stamp duty rates, the likelihood of them being able to purchase such a property is low to begin with. Thus, those that purchase buy-to-let properties tend to already own a home, and therefore, qualify as second time buyers according to stamp duty rules. 

Though buy-to-let properties are a great way for people to get onto the property ladder, the stamp duty that comes with these can be expensive. If you have sold, or are looking to sell a buy-to-let property – then get in touch with us today. We will help find out whether or not you are entitled to a stamp duty refund.

Is Stamp Duty Payable on a Buy-to-Let?

Yes, stamp duty is payable on buy-to-let properties in the UK. However, the rates in Scotland and Wales differ from those in Northern Ireland and England. If you purchase a buy-to-let property in England or Northern Ireland, then you will be subject to higher stamp duty rates. This is because, in 2015, HMRC introduced a new stamp duty rate for second-home buyers. 

While the introduction of an additional stamp duty surcharge was an attempt to increase accessibility to the property ladder in the UK, it has meant those looking to purchase buy-to-let properties have an additional cost to possibly worry about.


How Much Is Stamp Duty on a Buy-to-Let?

Those purchasing buy-to-let properties will likely already own a main residence. Hence, the additional stamp duty rates apply for buy-to-lets. The stamp duty rates currently in 2023 for buy-to-let properties in England and Northern Ireland are as follows:

Property Price

Normal Stamp Duty Rates

Buy-to-Let Stamp Duty Rates

£0 – £250,000



£250,001 – £925,000



£925,001 – £1.5 million 



£1.5 million + 



Properties which have a total value of £40,000 or less will not be subject to any normal or additional stamp duty rates. 

First-time buyers who purchase a buy-to-let property will pay the normal stamp duty rates. They will, however, not be eligible for the stamp duty discounts for first-time buyers because they will not be living in the property. 

Buyers that live overseas are also subject to a higher surcharge, of an additional 5%, since April 2021. 

You can use an online stamp duty buy-to-let calculator to find out how much you may owe when purchasing a buy-to-let property.

Are There Any Exemptions for Buy-to-Let Stamp Duty?

There are no exemptions for stamp duty rates when it comes to buy-to-let properties unless you are a first-time buyer or will only own the buy-to-let property but not live in it. First-time buyers, instead of having to pay the surcharge, will be subject to the normal stamp duty rates. 

In addition, those that are in a civil partnership or married will still need to pay the additional stamp duty rates for buy-to-lets despite how many properties either your partner or you own. Therefore, putting your wife’s name, for instance, won’t result in you being exempt from paying the additional stamp duty as couples that are legally together are seen as a ‘single unit’. 

Companies that also purchase buy-to-let properties are still required to pay the additional stamp duty rates. However, if you are purchasing several properties in one transaction you may be eligible for a discount which is known as Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR).

stamp-duty-buy-to-let-exemptions-houses-london (1)

Can I Claim Back Stamp Duty on a Buy-to-Let? 

Yes, you may be entitled to a stamp duty refund in certain instances. 

For example, if you have sold your main residence or second home and now live in the original buy-to-let property then you may be eligible for a refund on the original surcharge you will have paid. However, this will have to have occurred within 3 years of you selling your main residence. 

Additionally, if you have separated from your partner and have sold your stake in the buy-to-let property then you may get a stamp duty rebate if this is done within 36 months.

How Can I Get a Stamp Duty Refund for a Buy-to-Let Property?

If you believe you have overpaid in stamp duty for a buy-to-let property, or have sold or are looking to sell a buy-to-let property, then get in touch with us here at Stamp Duty Rebate. While you can claim back stamp duty through HMRC, it may be best to get the experts to help. 

Simply contact us to determine whether you may be eligible for a stamp duty refund.


Recent claims

How much can I expect to get back should my claim be valid and approved?

Every case is different. In some cases, we were able to arrange a rebate of up to 60% of the original SDLT paid. Some of the cases that we’ve successfully claimed refunds for:

Steven B Primary Residence
Rebate Received £9,337.00
Purchase price £1,100,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £53,750.00
Gary H Primary Residence
Rebate Received £26,795.00
Purchase price £1,485,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £89,750.00
Matt S Buy to Let
Rebate Received £8,817.35
Purchase price £274,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £11,920.00
Ben G Primary Residence
Rebate Received £17,397.00
Purchase price £1,260,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £69,750.00
Zev S Buy to Let
Rebate Received £13,044.95
Purchase price £410,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £22,800.00
Ashkey P Buy to Let
Rebate Received £2,502.33
Purchase price £82,500.00
Stamp Duty Paid £2,475.00
Sophia L Primary Residence
Rebate Received £42,478.00
Purchase price £1,680,000.00
Stamp Duty Paid £115,350.00
Jonathan P Buy to Let
Rebate Received £2,340.51
Purchase price £77,500.00
Stamp Duty Paid £2,325.00

Why Choose Stamp Duty Rebate?

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